Hemiole Choir is the new name chosen by Lutrin Choir founded in 1990 by Francis Garderet which for 15 years gave several concerts in Gironde (Arcachon, Libourne, le Bazadais, Bordeaux, Blanquefort, Talence, Pessac, l’Entre deux Mers, Angoulême). Michèle Lhopiteau took over the direction of Lutrin in September 2006, and to respect the wishes of the family of Francis, who died in 2004, the group changed its name to “Hémiole Choir” - while remaining an association governed by the french "law of 1901". 


Hémiole is made up of around eighty choristers, most of whom are well-experienced, even if some do not read music; the group is statutorily open to the greatest number of applicants, who are expected to attend rehearsals, be punctual, and practice a minimum by using the learning cassettes.

All the successive choir masters – Francis Garderet, Vassil Roussov, et Michel Brocard – have had the same aim, to produce well-known works which can appeal to a wide audience, and also other lesser-known works which are hardly, or practically never, sung in Bordeaux and in the Gironde.

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