Program 2016

Mérignac - St Vincent Church

Saturday, january 23, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Participation in a musical exchange with the worshipers of the mosque in Mérignac with 7 excerpts from the "Stabat Mater" by Karl Jenkins, accompanied by the Bordeaux “Mascaret” chamber orchestra.

Mezzo-soprano soloist: Nadine Gabard. Free admission with voluntary donation.  


Saturday, march 5, 2016 at 8:30 pm

Concert for choir and piano for the benefit of the Mérignac charities.

"Misatango" by Martín Palmeri. Piano: France Desneulin, Mezzo-soprano solo : Nadine Gabard.

The second half of the concert by folk trio "Accords'Ages" in an American, French and Latino-American repertoire.


Marcello, Monteverdi, « Magnificat » by Vivaldi & M Palmeri

2016 05 26 affiche st nicolas magnificat

Wednesday, mai 25 - 9 pm - chruch La Madeleine de Mont de Marsan ; 

Thursday, mai 26 mai - 9 pm - church St Nicolas de Bordeaux ;

Saturday, may 28- 9 pm - church d’Arès :  

Marcello, Monteverdi, « Magnificat » de Vivaldi
and « Magnificat » de Martín Palmeri in its enterity, with the composer,
with the ensemble « Tango Passion »

Soloists : Sophie Raffin & Nadine Gabard.

Martin palmeri

"Voutes et voix", Vertheuil festival (Gironde)

 Friday 2016 july 15

« Misatango » by Martín Palmeri,

« Adios Nonino » by Piazzola,

two deux south-americans songs

With the orchestral ensemble « Tango Passion » (France Desneulin).

Mezzo-soprano solo : Nadine Gabard

2016 07 15 vertheuil

And finally, 2 evenings at Buenos Aires

Thursday 2016 december 15 at Bordeaux, St Nicolas church

Friday 2016 december 16 at Bergerac, Notre Dame church

With Martin PALMERI on piano, with, specially came from Argentina,  guest orchestra director  Juan Sebastian BARBERO.

Affiche concert 15 16 12 16 reduite

Montaigne SuperStar

Cropped montaigne blog pagelexposition

 Saturdays, November 12 2016 and january 21, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. in the Bordeaux-Mérignac library : musical and litterary afternoon "Autour de Montaigne".

This programme was created in 2008, to see de details of this programme, please click on this link -

With thirty members of Hémiole choir in a French "Renaissance" a cappella program. Extracts from the "Essays" will be read by Marie and Claude Gardien,  and Anne-Marie Cocula, the Montaigne expert, will portray various characters from Montaigne’s entourage - his father, his wife, Henry IV, Catherine of Medicis and la Boétie.





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